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Business Class Flights to Denmark

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Business Class Flights To Denmark

So you’re thinking of taking a trip to Europe. You’ve looked at all the usual tourist spots, like France and Italy, but you haven’t thought about the possibilities of the Scandinavian countries. It’s time to take a look at wonderful Denmark. With so many things to do in both the summer, and winter months, Denmark is a dream come true for the curious traveler. The people of Denmark enjoy a quality of life that’s second to none, and you should too, that’s why we suggest taking business class flights to Denmark. Flying business class will take the stress off of what can otherwise be the stressful part of travel. Instead of fretting about whether you’ll get any sleep on the flight or not, sleep like a baby in the comfort of a business class seat. Worried that your knees will lock up while trapped behind the seat in front of you? Worry no more. Leg space abounds in this luxurious section of the plane. Whatever your reasons for needing that extra comfort and superb service, they’re good reasons. So take the leap and book business class flights to Denmark.

Denmark Airports And Business Class Lounges

The largest airport in Denmark is Copenhagen Airport, located in the capital city. The next largest are Billund Airport, and Aarhus airport, respectively. These airport’s business class lounges are available to those who take business class flights to Denmark. Enjoy perks like complimentary spa treatments and delicious appetizers, when taking a load off in these terrific lounges. Have a meeting that you’re not quite prepared for? Use the business center to find your focus, and go over the most important parts of your presentation. Feeling a bit sweaty after your long flight? Rinse off in one of the lounge’s showers, and start your trip feeling like a new person. If you love comfort and being treated like royalty, you’re going to adore having access to Denmark’s business class lounges.


Things To Do In Denmark

If you love food, you’re going to love Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen. With 15 restaurants that have achieved Michelin star status, this spectacular port city is a foodie’s dream come true. One of those Michelin-starred restaurants is the brilliant Kadeau. Serving up Nordic staples like clams and scallops, Kadeau will tantalize your taste buds. If you’re a fan of wine, Kadeau will excite you even more. The wine list at this absolute gem of a restaurant is renowned for its amazing selection. Kadeau sports two Michelin stars, but if that’s not good enough for you, head over to Copenhagen’s only restaurant that’s been awarded a prestigious three Michelin stars, Geranium. Chef Rasmus Kofoed is more of an artist than a cook. His world famous creations will make you want to put them on a wall, rather than eat them, but that would be weird. If you’re hoping to experience this life changing cuisine, be sure to book well in advance. You’re not the only one who wants to sample some of the finest food in Europe.

Once you’ve gotten your food cravings out of the way, it’s time to enjoy some of the culture this stunning capital has to offer. At the Nationalmuseet, you can learn about the rich history of Denmark. At this elegant museum, you can thrust your eyes upon ancient artifacts such as Viking weaponry, and medieval Scandinavian jewelry. You’ll even find artifacts brought over from Greenland. You didn’t think you would be seeing anything from Greenland, now did you? Whether you’re a history buff, or a casual enjoyer of ancient stuff, you simply must see Copenhagen’s Nationalmuseet.

After you’ve had your time in Copenhagen, head to Denmark’s hidden gem, the island city of Bornholm. On this enchanting island, you’ll encounter everything from the ruins of medieval fortresses, to the world class Bornholms Kunstmuseum. You’ll want to explore the island’s many restaurants. Much like Copenhagen, Bornholm has a tradition of excellent food. 600,000 people visit this enchanting island, each year. It’s time you become one of them.

Getting Around Denmark

When taking business class flights to Denmark, you won’t be disappointed with the local transport. The country is known for excelling at just that. While in Copenhagen, get around by the terrific trains, buses, and subway system. On top of that, taxis are readily available. Feel free to phone for a taxi, or wave one down. Like many cities in Europe, Denmark utilizes electronic ticketing systems. Fill up your card at any metro station, and scan it at the handy card-reading devices before embarking on your journey. Make sure you’re clear on how to do this, or you could be facing a hefty fine. Getting caught on a train without having paid isn’t a nice experience. If you’re carrying more than you’d like to be, take advantage of the luggage lockers offered at some of the larger train stations within Denmark. Getting rid of heavy baggage for a little while can be a true blessing.

Depending on how much travel you decide to take part in within Austria, a rail pass can be a terrific bargain. Rail passes are available at all major train stations, and will provide you with the freedom to get up and go whenever you please. When travelling by car, the Autobahn are an exciting and efficient way to get from point A to point B in a hurry. You will need to pay a tax to drive on them but you may find the price well worth it for the speed and convenience.

Traveling is the most wonderful thing you can do for your soul. Seeing and doing new things that take you out of your regular routine is essential for personal growth. Taking your family traveling is even better. Next time you travel, you should strongly consider Denmark. Breathe in the air of the Baltic Sea as you sit on a patio, eating freshly caught fish. Get to know the charming locals, and hear from them business-hand about their Nordic roots. Check out the countries famous furniture design, and look for the next chair for your office. The next thing you know, everyone at work will be coming to get a look at your unique, new seat. If you’re convinced that this is the place for your next vacation, you will want to consider taking business class flights to Denmark. Though more costly, business class flights are often more than worth it. Take your wellbeing seriously, and arrive in the comfort and style that will match your handsome destination.

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