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Business Class Flights to Austria

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Business Class Flights To Austria

From Vienna to Salzburg, Austria is a must-see for the avid traveler. Whether you’re a fan of big cities, or scenic mountains, this eastern European destination has what you’re looking for. If you love to ski, snowboard, or just take in a beautiful vista, you’ll love the Austrian Alps. Perhaps you’re not outdoorsy, well, Austria has you covered, with sophisticated bars and restaurants that rival the world’s finest. With all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to Austria. If you’re ever planning on visiting this hub of culture and beauty, you should be looking at business class flights to Austria. Flying to Europe isn’t quick, so while you’re in the air, you should experience only the best in comfort and service. Don’t arrive in Austria with sore muscles and a crick in your neck. Any time you fly to Austria, you should arrive feeling refreshed and without a care in the world because of the luxuries you’ve experienced by taking business class flights to Austria.

Austria Airports and Business Class Lounges

Austria’s largest airport is the Vienna International Airport located in the country’s capital city. The Vienna International Airport serves as the hub for Austrian Airlines and is also a base for the airlines Eurowings and Niki. Austria’s next two largest airports are Salzburg Airport and Innsbruck Airport. When taking business class flights to Austria, travelers will have access to the airport’s business class lounges. There’s no better gift when arriving in a foreign land than to be offered the comfort and luxury of these lounges. Feeling a bit grimy after your long flight? Get clean in the lounge’s showers. Have some time before the check-in at your hotel? Take a load off in a comfortable recliner and watch a bit of television. Have an important business meeting? Get prepped in the business center. Whatever needs you have while at the airport, the business class lounge is bound to be able to meet them.


Things To Do In Austria

After taking business class flights to Austria, you may be tempted to stay in the business class lounge your entire trip, but of course there’s so much to do and see in this glorious country. A good place to start is the capital, Vienna. If you’re a fan of music of any kind, there’s a good chance its origins lie in Vienna. Vienna’s musical history boasts names such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler and many more. For any person who’s fascinated by such musical geniuses, Vienna will tantalize you. Its venues such as Musikverein, used by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, are must-see attractions for any music lover. Speaking of Mozart, you may want to venture over to his hometown of Salzburg. Known for its breathtaking baroque architecture, Salzburg is a charming oasis north of the Alps. In 1997 it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site due to how well the city has been preserved over the years. If it’s ancient history you’re after, check out Hohenwerfen Castle. Once a stronghold for the archbishops of Salzburg, the doors are now open for a delightful family outing. Maybe after that you’ll head to Graz, the second largest city in Austria. Graz is home to six universities and more than 44,000 students, so you’ll be sure to feel the youthful energy pulsating through the city. While in Graz, check out the Kunsthaus Graz, a world-class contemporary art gallery, known by locals as the ‘friendly alien’ because of its distinct shape. If you get hungry, try eating at Landhauskeller, a stylish restaurant serving up modern takes on classic Austrian specialties. Having been there since the 16th century, Landhauskeller is definitely worth seeing, and tasting their delicious delicacies is the cherry on top.

Getting Around Austria

Austria’s local transport system is lauded for its safety and relative low cost. Extensive bus services are available in most cities, though only Vienna sports a subway system. When traveling between cities and towns throughout the country, the train is a scenic and efficient method. The OBB operates most of the trains within the country, with a few private lines that can also prove helpful. One thing to remember when on a train in Austria is not to put your feet up on the seats. It’s heavily frowned upon and can result in a hefty fine. The alternative to the train is the bus. The largest bus line in Austria is called Postbus. Oddly enough, the bus can end up being more expensive than the train, so we suggest you stick to the train and enjoy its relaxing motion as the majestic landscapes pass you by, through the window.

Depending on how much travel you decide to take part in within Austria, a rail pass can be a terrific bargain. Rail passes are available at all major train stations, and will provide you with the freedom to get up and go whenever you please. When travelling by car, the Autobahn are an exciting and efficient way to get from point A to point B in a hurry. You will need to pay a tax to drive on them but you may find the price well worth it for the speed and convenience.

There are so many amazing countries to visit on the continent of Europe, it can be hard to make a choice. Many people when thinking of an Eastern European vacation will think of the more obvious Germany, and while Germany is lovely, Austria is a hidden wonderland just next door. Whether you enjoy history and architecture, or fine dining and late night clubbing, Austria has you covered. You could be attracted to the hustle and bustle of city life, or sipping a hot cup of tea in a chalet in the mountains. Either way, Austria will not disappoint. If you do book that life-changing trip to the gem of Eastern Europe, make sure you consider business class flights to Austria, and arrive not tired and achy, but feeling excited and ready for the adventure that awaits you!

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