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Business Class Flights to Netherlands

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Business Class Flights To Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country nestled in Western Europe, and known for its tulips, and the vibrant colors they radiate. That’s not all you’ll take in from a trip to this gem of a country though. The Netherlands is a rich and diverse country teeming with energy. On the other hand, you’re never far away from a rural oasis providing peace and quiet. If it’s a party you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Perhaps you’re more of a country person? The Netherlands has you covered. Whatever it is you’re planning on doing there, you should look into business class flights to the Netherlands. When flying business class across the ocean, you can relax for all those hours up in the air. We’ve all experienced a kid kicking the back of our chair for what feels like an eternity. There isn’t one of us who hasn’t been so disappointed by airline food, that we just decide to go hungry instead. When taking business class flights to the Netherlands, you won’t have those problems, because there’s more legroom for that restless kid, and there will be an emphasis on making sure you eat a meal you can enjoy. If that’s not enough, an array of other perks will be coming your way, like complimentary blankets and pillows, state of the art headphones, and personal televisions.

Netherlands Airports And Business Class Lounges

The largest airports in The Netherlands are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Eindhoven Airport. Upon landing in one of these airports, those who take business class flights to the Netherlands will be granted entry to the airport’s business class lounges. If you’ve never experienced luxury while flying, these business class lounges will really stand out. So many of us have spent long layovers slouched in a cheap plastic chair. Waiting for the time to tick by can prove to be something out of a Kafka novel. We sit hour after hour, as we catch snippets of intercom chatter, none of it for us, but rather for those lucky enough to finally be on their way. You’ll never feel that way in one of these snazzy business class lounges. The chairs and couches are supremely comfortable, the food is delicious, and the perks are delightful. You might even use this time as an excellent networking opportunity. Sitting among the Netherlands’ best and brightest, you never know if you might be talking to your next business partner.


Things To Do In the Netherlands

Art is a big part of the Netherlands appeal. So many masters have come from this tiny country. What are the odds that in such a small space, so many geniuses would bloom? Like the famous tulip fields, this land just seems to grow creativity. Names such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Mondrian are just a start to this country’s incredible artistic history. Featuring many museums where you can take in this mastery, the Netherlands is an art lover’s dream come to life. As if that weren’t enough, the architecture of the Netherlands is second to none. The canals of Amsterdam will stop you in your tracks. It’s hard to imagine such ingenuity when dealing with an area surrounded by water.

If you’re a fan of cycling, the Netherlands is the perfect place for you. Heavily integrated in their culture, the Dutch see bicycles as the perfect form of transport. Rent a bike in any of the major cities, and you’ll be amazed by the intricacies of the bike paths. You’ll never feel the fear of being hit by a car, the way you might in America. Furthermore, you can take biking to a whole new level, and take your bike on a cross-country journey. The Netherlands is a country of flat land that’s perfect for a pleasant bicycle trip. With no hills to worry about having to traverse, and destinations that aren’t very far apart in distance, even those who have never been on a bicycle will have a great time.

When taking business class flights to the Netherlands, one of the first things you’ll notice upon landing is a vibrant café culture. The Dutch take their coffee and pastries seriously, so it makes sense that the places they go to get them are integral to their way of life. When visiting a café in the Netherlands, you’ll find people partaking in excited discussions about all subjects, from politics to film. Unlike the coffee shops back home, where a bunch of millenials sit, mesmerized by their laptops, a café in the Netherlands is a social gathering spot. A place to rejoice and make plans for the night ahead.

Getting Around The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a land of trains. Dutch trains are efficient, on time, and comfortable. You’ll never be disappointed when taking the train, but there are a few other options. When taking business class flights to the Netherlands, you may be tempted to grab a taxi to get into the city centers. Taxis are a perfectly fine option for short trips, but fares can add up fast if you’re going more than a short way. You’ll need to call for a taxi, as you’re not supposed to wave one down. You may find that it works at times, but don’t count on it. For those who love to fly, you’ll have to take a break while traveling within the Netherlands. There are no train trips within the country that take more than 5 hours, so domestic flights are not an option. Sorry aviation fans, you’ll have to collect your air miles somewhere else.

Seeing a new culture and how they operate is one of the great joys of life for many of us. That’s why we travel. Getting out there to learn a thing or two is a privilege not lost on the avid traveler. There’s no better culture to get immersed in than that of the Netherlands. With the breeze in your hair as you bike beside a breathtakingly beautiful canal, you won’t believe the life you’re living. Life is short, so take in its splendor, and enjoy the Netherlands. Bon Voyage!

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