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Mitchell Vos

Mitchell Vos

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Major discounts on international first and business class flights.

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Expert travel manager providing support in real time before, during, and after your trip.

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Founded in 2006 with excellent ratings on Yelp, Google, & BBB with over 400,000 happy customers.

Reviews and testimonials from my customers.

Booking Agent: Mitchell Vos

Mitchell exceeded my expectations in getting this trip set up for me. You are very clear in your explanations and very patient with me. I would recommend you to anyone planning a trip.

Booking Agent: Mitchell Vos

Mitchell was not only very pleasant to speak with over the phone, he was also very determined to get me the best price on the flight I needed even though he came out already lower than others I have checked with. Saving me more money on my flight was certainly in his best interests. I'm happy to have worked with him and look forward to booking more flights with him in the future.

Booking Agent: Mitchell Vos

I wanted to let you know what a valued employee you have in Mitchell. He went beyond any expectations in his handling my flight reservation. He was courteous, prompt and efficient. I am going to recommend all my friend to Mitchell in the future.

Booking Agent: Mitchell Vos

My account was move over to Mitchell because Marcus left the company and this was my first dealing with Mitchell. He was very helpful and friendly and took care of all my needs in a prompt and efficient manner. It was a pleasure working with him. I look forward using him with all my international travel.

Booking Agent: Mitchell Vos

I want to say thank you to Mitchell for all his help on booking tickets for Vienna.
It was my first time using this company and will use again in the future.
Mitch was so helpful and kind.

Thank you again!