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Business Class Flights to Hungary

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Business Class Flights To Hungary

For some people, travel is a way of life. Others wait their whole life to take that one special trip. No matter what kind of traveler you are, deciding where to go can be a difficult choice. With so many choices, we may not always look at a country that gets talked about less, such as Hungary. Located in the eastern part of the continent, Hungary is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. Though its natural scenery is understated, Hungary’s architecture is a sight to behold. If you do decide to trip over to this ancient land, you may want to consider taking business class flights to Hungary. Like all things in life, there are times to pinch pennies, and there are times when spending extra is worth it. Taking into account the long duration of the flight when heading to Hungary, you might decide that flying in business class will be worth it. When taking business class flights to Hungary, your experience will be tailored towards optimizing your comfort and happiness. Perhaps, in certain situations, money actually can buy you happiness.

Hungary Airports and Business Class Lounges

Hungary’s largest airport is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. By far the busiest of Hungary’s airports, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is named after one of Hungary’s most treasured sons, pianist and composer, Franz Liszt. The next largest after that is Debrecen International Airport, located in its namesake city of Debrecen. When taking business class flights to Hungary, you’ll have access to the country’s airport’s business class lounges. If you like to be treated well, you’re going to love these exclusive lounges. With amenities that will sate your every need, you won’t leave the airport feeling ripped off. You can sit back on a leather sofa, and watch a relaxing television program, or head over to the business center to surf the net. Don’t feel like going to the business center? No problem, you can access the Internet on your very own device, using the complimentary Wi-Fi. With so much information at your fingertips, your stay at the airport won’t be the usual snooze, in fact, you’ll wish you never had to leave!


Things To Do In Hungary

Whether you’re an architecture buff or not, you’ll be stunned by the buildings that Hungary has on display. Ranging from baroque to neoclassical, this country has such a wide array of architectural styles that your head will be spinning. With that in mind, sometimes the best thing to do in Hungary’s beautiful cities is simply walk around. You’re sure to discover an awe-inspiring structure on nearly every street.

When you’re not wandering the streets, get yourself into some water. Hungary is famous for its thermal springs. Widely believed to possess healing properties, the people of Hungary are known to hit the springs for any malady that ails them. You don’t have to feel a cold coming on to enjoy these bubbling baths though. The thermal springs are often used for recreational purposes. Sit back and relax in the warm blue water, and if it happens to heal something in you, well that’s a bonus. Hungary’s springs come in a number of different forms. For an authentic experience, check out the bathhouses that originated during the time of the Turkish occupation. If you aren’t feeling like taking in history, there are also modern thermal springs that are more akin to a pool. At these locations, you’ll be offered professional massage treatment that will leave you feeling loose, and ready to head back out on the town.

Hungary’s capital city of Budapest is such an amazing sight you’ll wonder why you hadn’t come sooner. Once you’re there, it’ll be hard to miss the Royal Palace, located in the aptly named Castle District. Over the past seven centuries, this astonishing palace has been ruined and rebuilt six times. These days, the palace is home to the Hungarian National Gallery, and the fantastic Castle Museum. Explore the city’s 2000 years of history at the castle museum. From gothic statues, to exhibits pertaining to the arrival of the Magyars, you’ll have a great appreciation for the history of Budapest and its people.

Once you’re done with all that learning, you’ll probably be hungry. Make your way over to Borkonyha. A Michelin-starred restaurant dealing in fine Hungarian delicacies, Borkonyha will serve you food that you’ll never forget. Try their famous foie gras, and wash it down with one of the restaurant’s over 200 fine wines. If that doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled, we don’t know what will.

Getting Around Hungary

When taking business class flights to Hungary, you’ll likely land in Budapest, so take advantage of its well run urban transport system. With buses that run until around 9pm, you’ll be better off if you land well before that. In the smaller cities, you’ll have to rely mostly on buses and walking, as Budapest is the only city in Hungary that features a subway system. There are many taxis in both Budapest and the smaller towns, but be weary of scam artists. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the currency, and the price of the average taxi ride, to avoid being taken advantage of.

Whether you’re a lover of history, or a generally curious person, Hungary has a lot to offer. Be sure to bring a camera, because you’ll see so many astonishing buildings that you’ll be sure to lose track. Even if architecture isn’t your thing, you’ll be bowled over by the food. Sometimes described as one of the major cuisines of the world, eating in Hungary will have you looking for the nearest Hungarian restaurant once you get back home. Whatever it is you enjoy about travel, we suggest you look into taking business class flights to Hungary. Wouldn’t it be nice to land feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the world for once? We hope you do get to feel that way, and we hope it’s in breathtaking Hungary.

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