You don’t have to be traveling for business to travel in business class. In 2015, Americans logged 1.7 billion trips for strictly leisure purposes. But who says that you can’t get the comforts of business class at economy prices? Here are four quick ways to save money on flying business class to London, Rome, Paris — or anywhere in the world.

Enroll in a Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent flyer loyalty programs are a great way to start saving on future trips while you’re in the middle of your current adventure. It can take an awfully long time (and money) to rack up enough points for flight tickets. Instead, consider spending your points on a well-deserved business class airfare upgrade that will make your next trip more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Bid Online in Upgrade Auctions

Certain airlines, such as Qantas and Virgin, offer low-cost upgrade “auctions” in the weeks leading up to a flight in order to fill up those business class flights. You can choose to be contacted if your ticket is eligible for an upgrade. You may have even better chances if you’re traveling solo and only need one upgrade.

Book Early and Watch for Deals

Checking flight prices early and often is the best way to find the best price business class flights to Europe or elsewhere. International travel in particular tends to increase in price once you enter the three-month zone prior to departure. If you want to try flying business class to London this summer, start looking now!

Subscribe to Airline Newsletters

Signing up for a periodic email blast from a few different airlines can pay off for avid travelers. The airlines will be the first to let you know about special offers or promotions happening so that you can start booking your trip with the best prices available.

You can still get the business class treatment without having to pay the business class price. If you want to get the most out of your flight, treat yourself to an upgrade. Shop smart and keep your eyes peeled for airline deals that could double your comfort and leisure, without breaking your wallet in half!