Approximately 37% of American families report that going on vacations make them the most happy out of any family activity. This means that vacationing is the number one activity that families enjoy; however, vacationing can be exceptionally expensive, especially if you are going to foreign destinations.

So, how do you find discounted business class airfare if you are flying business class to Rome, Paris, London, or Amsterdam? Here are some tips that will make your wallet happy.

1. Don’t let your cookies give you away
It is no secret that your flight prices increase after searching them a few times on the same device. Depending on the cookies in your web browser, your browser will recognize your location and past airfare searches and slowly raise prices every time you look. To prevent this, always search in an incognito browser or in private browsing mode to see the best prices available. Remember, your cookies are reset every time you open a new browser, meaning you must open up a new incognito browser once you’ve closed your tab.

2. Look for the cheapest day to fly out
While many travel agents have reported that flying out on Tuesdays means you’ll get a better price, this is not always true. Each destination has different rates, so if possible have flexible dates so you can fly out on the cheapest day available. The best way to find this is to search for an entire month at a time.

3. Consider breaking up your flights
This is helpful especially for longer trips, such as when buying business class tickets to Europe. Unless you live on the east coast, it can be hard to find a direct ticket. So once you have identified the most common place to have a layover, look into booking two separate one way tickets. For example if you are going Los Angeles to Rome, consider flying one way to Washington D.C., then another one way to Rome. Doing so can sometimes result in saving hundreds of dollars at a time.

4. Book sooner than later
Many travelers believe that if they wait long enough, prices will go down. Rarely does this ever happen, so if you have found a ticket price and a destination that appeals to you, don’t wait!

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